Colored Stamped Concrete

Colored stamped concrete has increased in popularity over the past 15 years. Its uses are limited only by your imagination.

In commercial applications it is most often used to identify specific areas for specific purposes, or as a directional indicator. In residential use it often provides a decorative border to driveways, walkways or pool decks.

This process requires specific tools and skills, and knowledgeable craftsmen to get it right. Nelson has that.



A concrete driveway provides versatility, great durability, and a classic look. If built right and maintained well, a concrete driveway can last an incredibly long time.

Nelson does it right starting with a 4 inch granular base, and a 5 inch slab with rebar for maximum durability in our climate. Finish with a broom or textured finish, or add color and stamping for a decorative touch.

We always seal our new concrete drives with the best products in the industry, and we recommend resealing every 2 years for maximum life.



A patio can be a truly creative place where form, function and style all come together. Taking your party or personal relaxation outside opens up many possibilities.

Stamped colored concrete provides a perfect medium for playing with texture and color. Natural limestone or brick can work with a home's exterior to extend that beauty and texture into the outdoor space.

Nelson makes it work, makes it permanent, and makes it beautiful.


Pool Decks

A pool deck is just a patio with a big "pond" in the middle, and many of the same options and considerations in patios apply to pool decks and copings. New York blue stone (a limestone) has become very popular for pool copings, but many options of stained color, stamped & colored, and acid etching are available.

Like everything that Nelson does, pool decks are built to the highest construction standards and built to last.



Sidewalks can incorporate any and all of the materials and techniques applied to patios and pool decks. Broomed concrete may be the most common finish for a common sidewalk, but a form of texture technique with a stamp has been in use for many years.

A familiar ribbon of concrete may be the most common sidewalk, but brick and stone are also used. For a classic, premium sidewalk or foot path, a concrete base with mortared in flagstone can't be beat.