Fireplaces & Chimneys

Nelson Masonry builds stunning fireplaces and chimneys from the ground up. A stone hearth and mantel reflect beauty and permanence like nothing else. A brick chimney is both a standard and a classic.

Building a complete chimney system from the ground up, with or without a fireplace, is an art that is more and more becoming a lost art. The stonemasons and craftsmen of Nelson Masonry are dedicated practitioners of this art.


A monument can be anything from a small pillar at the curb housing a mailbox and street number, to a base for a statue in the park, to that very tall spire in Washington DC dedicated to George Washington. Nelson Masonry has the skill to build any of these.

What we build most often is what would be called a monument sign—that decorative structure that sits at the main entrance to a campus, facility, or neighborhood. As with everything we do, a Nelson Masonry monument is beautifully crafted and built to stand the test of time.

Retaining Walls

Most residential retaining walls are as much decorative as they are functional, built with decorative block or railroad ties by landscapers, homeowners or handymen. When you actually want to retain a bank of earth and keep it there for a very long time, you want it built by Nelson Masonry:

• concrete footing
• structural poured concrete wall
• limestone ties and cap
• mortared stone veneer


Tuck-pointing is a finishing and maintenance technique where a fine lime mortar is applied to the mortar joints between bricks and stones. In our climate of wide temperature swings and rain/freeze cycles, timely tuck-pointing is critical to the extended life of mortared masonry.

One of the keys to a quality job is matching the color and consistency of the mortar to the original joints, another area where Nelson quality and craftsmanship applies.