Brick Work

Brick brings durability and longevity wherever it is used. The choices in color, texture and pattern are greater than they've ever been, giving each project its own personality.

Expert craftsmanship unlocks the secret to brick work that lasts more than a lifetime, and Nelson Masonry holds that key.


Custom Stone Work

As with brick, the beauty and durability of natural stone is an investment in permanance; and as with brick, the choices in pattern, color and texture have never been better. Choose a veneer stone, or patterns like ashler, webwall or rubble. Nelson Masonry will fit the perfect stone to your design and style.



The term "flagstone" describes any flat stone laid on the horizontal, and is most often limestone. There's both an art and a craft in strategically selecting and matching stones for cut, color, shape and fit. The artisans of Nelson Masonry practice that craft. "We dry lay everything out, then mortar it in. It's like a big puzzle." It takes skill , experience, and some art to put it all together.


Stone Work

If flagstone is horizontal, then stone work is stone construction on the vertical ... and the stone may or may not be flat. The art and skill are the same and perhaps even more challenging. Nelson is up to the challenge.